12 January 2015

Looks to Love | Kendall Jenner's Intense Style Sense

Quick! What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Kardashian? Wait, let me rephrase that: what's the first POSITIVE thing that comes to mind you see the word Kardashian? Honestly, the first thing I think of is how jealous I am of their enormous derrières (that's positive, right? haha :p). The second thing that comes to mind is their insane sense of style. So today we're going to focus one the most fashion forward "Kardashians", Kendall Jenner

05 January 2015

Getting Organized | New 2015 Post Schedule + Announcement

Isn't it weird how new beginnings energize us and forces us to realize that there's so many new possibilities. Sure, everyday we have exciting opportunities but there's something about New Years that energizes everyone and encourages them to try something new. So to kick off the first Monday of 2015 I decided to try something different and create a structured schedule for my blog. You see, when I first started my blog I would post three times a week, and the topic of the day was just as random as the days they were posted. Sometimes the post would go up on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while other times it would go up Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. That not only confused you guys, but it also confused me, and do you know what confusion creates? Yup, Writers block. Some times I had it so bad that I went months without posting and that's unacceptable!

05 December 2014

Facing My Fear of Falsies | ESQIDO Voila Lash Review

 photo EyelashReviewBerryStylish_zps11b85b4c.jpg

Have you ever tried falsies? No? Well... You're not alone because neither have I. But if you answered yes, then I'm pretty sure you remember the first time you tried them and how intimidating it was. Because let's face it, trying things first time can be pretty intimidating. Especially when the item involves putting glue within a close proximity of your eyeballs. And if you're like me, you were probably told to never, EVER put glue near your eyes or they would be shut closed for lifeee! Or at least that's what my crazy preschool teacher told me, haha. But ever since I heard this false information I developed a irrational fear of getting glue in my eyes which caused me to avoid falsies all together! It didn't matter if they were dramatic lashes or the natural ones, I always stayed clear of the eyelash isle.

01 December 2014

White Hot | Holiday Style Guide Featuring G Bridal

G Bridal
They say you can't wear white after Labor Day, but in my opinion that's the best time to wear it! Why? Well, simply because it compliments every skin tone and it's the perfect color to wear during a festive holiday party. And that's the exact reason why I decided to create a simple set featuring two  white dresses from a online store called G Bridal.

24 November 2014

One Kings Lane | Light Up Your Look

One Kings Lane | Light Up Your Look

What's your favorite part about decorating a new space? Is it picking out the perfect colors or finding the right furniture to match the mood of your room? Personally, I enjoy finding the perfect lighting. Granted, most people over look this little detail, but a chandelier can make a room girly, edgy or even modern! It's sort of like how a necklace can pull together your whole look. So, today I decided to partner up with One Kings Lane to show you my favorite furniture and vintage jewelry pieces for their Light Up Your Look campaign.