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4 Beautiful Cocktail and Homecoming Dresses


I'm sure everyone can agree, finding the perfect dress can be difficult, especially when you're shopping online. But don't worry! If you're still searching for an inexpensive dress you've come to the right place because today's post is all about four dresses I picked from a online discount dress boutique called SherryLondon.

7 Inexpensive and Easy Ways to Decorate Your Dorm


Decorating on a budget can be difficult but with these super easy tips you can start the school year with the best dorm on your floor! Continue reading to learn tips on how to create the perfect dorm room and see the items I picked for this fun partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond.

Style by the Stars | Astrology Fashion Forecast ft. Cancer


It's officially the last week of Caner season, and you know what that means?? A new Style by the Stars post! If you've followed me for a while I'm sure you already know about these type of post, but if you're new to the blog here's what it's all about. In these post I break down the key facts about a specific astrology sign. This includes talking down fashion tips and sharing advice about the sign's personality. This week we're talking about the caring Cancer so continue reading to learn about this loyal sign!

Bright Summer Outfit ft. No Nonsense


I'm sure we can all agree, comfort and style are ideal when you're looking for the perfect outfit but sometimes that's easier said than done. I'm today's post I'm featuring a brand that's all about comfort and style, No Nonsense!

No Nonsense recently contacted me and asked me to try out a few items so today I created a cute outfit (see the photo on the left) to go with their blue Jennings. When I was creating this outfit I decided to keep practical and stylish so I added a nice peplum shirt and flat comfortable  sandals.


I like how the Soft Twill Skimmer pants are stretchy and follow every curve but I dislike how they have fake pockets. Brands tend to add imitation pockets to give a "blue jean" look but I swear fake pockets always cause me to drop items because I forget they're fake and try to put things in them.

Beautiful Bags | Kate Spade Lust List pt.1


I don't talk much about my obsession with Kate Spade but trust me, there's no turning back from it. Since I adore this brand so much I've decided to create 5 Lust List post featuring only Kate Spade New York item. The series will have three parts but the first part, aka this part, is all about their gorgeous handbags!

P.S. I just checked their website and there's a HUGE sale going on right now!