17 February 2015

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream Review

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share my favorite product from The Body Shop. I discovered this Vitamin E Moisture Cream a few months ago during their 75% off sale. Originally, I wasn't going to purchase this product during this online shopping adventure, but  The Body Shop had this amazing free shipping deal for people who bought a cretin amount  of beauty items, and since I'm a sucker for shipping deals I decided to buy this little guy. Haha, hopefully I'm not the only one who falls for the "free shipping" bribe because let's face it, it's a genius way to make you spend more money.

14 February 2015

The Blogmopolitan Quiz | Valentine's Day Edition

Happy Valentine's Day! I know today can be either extremely exciting or terribly annoying, but I thought this new Blogmopolitan Quiz from Two Thirds Hazel would be a fun way to celebrate!

11 February 2015

5 Easy Valentines Day DIYs

Untitled #107

So… apparently Valentine’s Day is only a few days away? How did that happen?! It seems like just yesterday we were talking about New Year’s... oh wait, wasn't that my last post? Haha. Anywhoo, today's post is all about 5 Simple DIY's you can make for the loved ones in your life. These DIYs are so simple and perfect for last minute gifts for your significant other, best friend, next door neighbor, adorable kids, grandparents, or basically anyone who likes a present! Which is basically everyone :)

12 January 2015

Looks to Love | Kendall Jenner's Intense Style Sense

Quick! What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Kardashian? Wait, let me rephrase that: what's the first POSITIVE thing that comes to mind you see the word Kardashian? Honestly, the first thing I think of is how jealous I am of their enormous derrières (that's positive, right? haha :p). The second thing that comes to mind is their insane sense of style. So today we're going to focus one the most fashion forward "Kardashians", Kendall Jenner

05 January 2015

Getting Organized | New 2015 Post Schedule + Announcement | Berry Personal #19

Isn't it weird how new beginnings energize us and forces us to realize that there's so many new possibilities. Sure, everyday we have exciting opportunities but there's something about New Years that energizes everyone and encourages them to try something new. So to kick off the first Monday of 2015 I decided to try something different and create a structured schedule for my blog. You see, when I first started my blog I would post three times a week, and the topic of the day was just as random as the days they were posted. Sometimes the post would go up on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while other times it would go up Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. That not only confused you guys, but it also confused me, and do you know what confusion creates? Yup, Writers block. Some times I had it so bad that I went months without posting and that's unacceptable!