Tarte High Performance Naturals 3-Piece Kit | Beauty Review

21 September 2015

A few months ago I went a little crazy at Sephora and decided to splurge on this little guy: the Tarte 3-piece kit (which retails around 30 bucks). I know, I know... $30 is a little steep for a "deluxe sample" kit but these products were on my wishlist for quite awhile. And honestly I wanted to try these products because YouTube beauty gurus *cough* i.e Ingrid Nelson *cough* claimed that these items were "holy grail products". 

I don't want to spoil the review early but unfortunately all the products were mediocre, the packaging was okay, the price was steep, and only one worked wonders. But on a positive note I did find a way to use everything efficiently which means I didn't entirely waste my money. In my eyes that's a win but let me break everything down to explain why I don't think this kit is worth $30. 

Packaging: The kit comes with three items like I mentioned before. The items includes a tube of mascara, a small face oil roller ball, and a "full coverage" foundation that's in a plastic tube (sort of like the ones drug store BB cream comes in). All of the items are considered delexue samples which means they are small enough to take on a plane but big enough to use multiple times.

Foundation: The huge issue occurred when I attempted to use the foundation. I used the word attempt because.. well.. obviously it turned out to be a huge fail. The foundation was formulated like a high end foundation is suppose to be, with medium coverage and such, but the shade made my face look ashy! I'm sure you know how this looks like if you have a darker complexion but for those of you who don't let's just say IT'S NOT CUTE. I don't know why Tarte doesn't make darker shades but this was truly disappointing because I was looking forward to using the foundation after a beauty guru suggested it in one of her beauty tutorials.  

Mascara: Another issue that made me want to return this kit was the fact that the mascara reminded me of the ones you buy at the dollar store. Don't get me wrong, it did lengthen my lashes but this mascara retails around $20, it should do more than that and last 16+ hours instead of 2 hours at max. 
Trust me if you're looking for a good mascara buy one from Maybelline or Covergirl and save your money. Tarte Gifted Amazonian Smart Clay Mascara isn't worth it.

But anyway, rant over. Haha, *takes imaginary prescribed chill pill* I don't want to end on a negative note because there was two things I did like about this kit. The first thing is the cute makeup bag that was included in the kit and the second thing was the Maracuja Oil. I liked the face oil because I noticed a significant difference in my skin texture and puffy eyes after a week of use. Talk about a win-win.

Overall I think this kit isn't worth the price and if I was given a choice I would never purchase it again. Wait, why did I say if I was given a choice? Haha, of course I have a choice and my choice is a big no! Never, ever again. 

The ONLY reason I would justify buying this kit is if you have fair/medium skin, relatively long eyelashes, and want something to use when you're traveling. OR if you're already a huge fan of these products and  would like miniature versions of them. If that's not you then I HIGHLY suggest skipping this kit and spend $30 on a full sized item. Like the Maracuja Oil. Seriously. Go buy it, it's amazing :)

Wardrobe Staples: Stripe Hype | p a r t 1

14 September 2015

Untitled #116

Wearing stripes can be a easy way add a sprinkle of sophistication to any look so in today's post I'm going to talk about five different items that are all under $15. You can wear these items whether its chilly or warm outside because they're items you can easily layer under a jacket or coat. Well, except for the Kate Spade luggage tag. Haha, I added that to this set just because I thought it was cute! 

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28 May 2015

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Casual Floral OOTD | Featuring Gemporia

13 April 2015

How has the weather been for you guys? Over here it's been very nice, so I decided to post a quick outfit of the day (ootd) before I head to work. [editing note: I took these pictures when it was a nice day, but today, aka the day I am publishing this post it's rather gloomy :( haha, I thing I spoke to soon about nice weather]

Pearly Whites | Laguna Pearl Earring Review

04 March 2015

What comes to mind when you think of pearls? Do you think of the Great Gatsby era or the iconic scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's? Since I'm a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's first came to mind, but regardless the movie/era, pearls are known as a accessory must-have. And if you have't already guessed, today's post is all about a beautiful pair by Laguna Pearl! :)