Casually Contemporary Jewelry Haul

Today I have a mini haul for you guys! Usually, I like to stick with traditional  items, but lately I've wanted to travel outside my comfort style zone. What's outside my comfort style zone? Well... You can probably guess which style I like but I'll give you a hint, I'm obsessed with anything girly/floral! But after browsing the jewelry & accessory section on a site called Born Pretty*, I decided to get some modern jewelry to try something different. :)

BornPretty had a lot of different styles to choose from but the first item I picked was the Creative Crescent Necklace . This statement piece comes in two different colors but I picked the oh-so-sophisticated, black and white one, hehe. Next I picked some fashion mini rings. They only cost $0.99 and come in two colors, silver and gold, and as you can probably tell I picked the gold ones! My favorite part about the rings is the great price but sadly they were too big for my tiny hands. Oh the joys of being petite! But don't fret, I decided to wear them as normal rings :)

 Last but  not least I picked out a cross bracelet to stack with the others i have for arm candy. I really like how the band is beaded instead of just a plain silver hoop. Plus this made it easier to put/keep on my wrist.

After working with Born Pretty they were kind enough to provide the coupon code JONT10 for you guys to take 10% for any online purchase  :)

Remember to make your day a phenomenal one!

Style by the Stars: ARIES | Featuring Emma Watson

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This month of Style with the Stars is my favorite because Aries is the first house of the zodiac and I was really excited to feature the beautiful actress Emma Watson. Recently she co-stared a movie adaptation of the popular Bible story,  Noah, but today I decided to make her the spotlight of the post because she is a gorgeousconfident, Aries.

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream Review

Hi beauties, how is your week going so far? Normally by the time hump day rolls around I'm practically counting down the hours till the Friday. But today I'm excited to talk about a product I recently received from called BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream*. This Jergens cream claims to give you 5 visible benefits in 5 days with their unique sheer formula, but let's talk about all the important details about this product.